Accelerate solutions for ocean innovation and inspire a more courageous world.

The Ripple Effects of Our Impact

Research & Education

Our Objectives

Gather scientific data to advance marine research and guide collective action.

Develop and deploy open-source curricula to teach high school students marine science and coding.

2020 Expedition Impact

Gather data for microplastic research with our partners at Scripps Institution of Oceanography.

Created the Ocean Classroom Campaign – open-source curricula to teach high schoolers coding and marine science.


Our Objectives

Raise funds and inspire action to solve the issues of our time – such as access to education and preserving the oceans.

2020 Expedition Impact

Raised $76,675 in donations to provide full scholarships for 3 students of color from the US to attend UWC-USA, changing their lives forever


Our Objectives

Support ocean plastic removal and prevention. Advance strategic ocean conservation initiatives.

2020 Expedition Impact

Funded the collection of nearly 200,000 ocean-bound plastic containers.

Harnessed the power of social media, live talks, and an immersive museum installation in Denmark to share the ocean’s story with the world.

What inspires the United World Challenge?

Every second breath we take comes from the ocean.

The oceans are our planet’s life support system. In addition to providing immeasurable cultural and natural value, the ocean provides critical services that keep us all alive.

The ocean:

Healthy oceans are fundamental to a prosperous and safe future.

We depend on the oceans for our very survival and they’re threatened now more than ever before. To ensure our future, it’s time we do something to protect the oceans.

It’s not too late to save the oceans, but time is running short. We need to act now – and the United World Challenge is here to help.

Climb Aboard!

Interested in exploring sponsorship for future expeditions?

Sponsorship is more than just a good story. It’s about pursuing a vision greater than the sum of the parts. It’s about making impact neither partner could achieve alone.

In short, it’s about crossing oceans together.

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