Meet Tez Steinberg

Chief Engine Officer of United World Challenge & Triple Athlete in Business, Adventure and Endurance Art

Business Leader

My leadership has been recognized by some of the world’s foremost organizations:

  • Global Shaper alum of the World Economic Forum
  • Former Fellow of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation
  • Member of The Explorers Club of New York (famous for members such as Teddy Roosevelt, Neil Armstrong and Sylvia Earle), NEXUS Global, and the Ultramarine Ocean Action Community

I also have:

  • An MBA from London Business School
  • 5 year’s experience leading complex projects with Deloitte Consulting
  • 8 year’s experience founding and growing my own social enterprises

Ultra Endurance Athlete

I have over 14+ years experience in endurance racing. I’ve completed:

  • 45 marathons
  • 2 Ironmans with top-5% finishes
  • 145-mile non-stop ultramarathon
  • Solo bicycle tour of the UK and Ireland
  • And in 2020 I became the only person in history to solo row 2700 miles over 71 days from California to Hawaii (Expedition 1).

Endurance Artist

"Endurance art” is my craft of weaving adventure, business, and storytelling to create a better world.

  • 24 years experience in theater, public speaking and nonfiction creative writing
  • Published by World Economic Forum & other outlets
  • Raised $152K in public donations as part of Expedition 1 through engaging storytelling
  • My career’s “North Star” vision is to create positive social impact and maximize growth opportunities for myself and my teams


Tez Steinberg

Chief Engine Officer

Sonya Baumstein

Chief Duty Officer

Ethan Forsgren, MD

Chief Medical Officer

Ocean Education Lead

Jerry Johnston

StoryMap Lead

Ocean Research Lead

Supporting Duty Officer


Impact Investors and Marketing Team


The United World Challenge has partnered with Only One, a digital action platform for people who love the ocean and want to save the planet. Two thirds of the donations raised through the United World Challenge will advance ocean impact projects vetted and supported through Only One’s world-class team.

Ocean Hub Africa is an ocean-impact catalyst that aims to accelerate innovative ocean start-ups in Africa to protect our Oceans. 10% of donations raised through the United World Challenge will go directly to Ocean Hub Africa to fund the development and adoption of new sustainable ocean solutions across Africa.

Ocean Impact Organisation’s purpose is to transform ocean health through inspiration, innovation, and good business. In order to support their efforts to accelerate ocean impact businesses, 10% of donations raised through the United World Challenge will fund Ocean Impact Organisation’s ocean projects and impact-driven businesses.

During Tez’s first row to from California to Hawaii, the United World Challenge partnered with Scripps Institution of Oceanography to gather world-first data for microplastic research. The United World Challenge will once again partner with Scripps to advance oceanic research during the next challenge.

provocative, empowering & activating inspiration

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