Help Us Stop Ocean Plastic!

How You Can Help the Ocean

Vote with your dollars & purchase ocean-safe products like those of our partners and sponsors

Carry reusable bottles, cutlery and bags. Say no to single-use plastic!

Wear natural fiber clothing & add a filter on your washing machine

Limit your seafood consumption and support only sustainable seafood vendors

Support river catchment projects like our collaboration with Sungai Watch, and source "social plastic" if you use plastic in manufacturing

Prioritize oceans in your company

Sponsor the challenge and our crowdfund campaign coming September 2023!

The Ocean Is Our Planet’s Life Support System

After completing Expedition 1, I couldn't forget all the plastic I saw at sea. Such a pristine environment, yet filled with trash from around the world. I started asking myself, what's next? What’s a goal so big that I have to grow into the person who can achieve it? A goal so big, it inspires others to grow with me?

What's next for the United World Challenge?

It's not just about completing another daring expedition, but to do so in a way that brings researchers, companies, and storytellers together to create tangible results for the ocean by:

There will be more plastic than fish in the oceans by 2048, unless we act now. The good news? Effective, low-cost solutions exist. We just need to scale them to the most plastic-polluting regions.

The next United World Challenge will accelerate today’s most promising solutions to solve the ocean plastic crisis. Together, we will turn the tide and stop the flow of plastics into our oceans.