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The United World Challenge is a storytelling campaign to inspire a more courageous world through innovative multimedia of a 2,500 mile solo row across the Great Pacific Garbage Patch beginning spring 2020. Using an interactive Esri Story Map, immersive 360 video, and documentary film, our team will bring the Great Pacific Garbage Patch to the world, inspiring new action to learn about and protect our oceans.

Tez Steinberg is an endurance artist whose journey began when he asked himself a simple question: what are my limits? He spent the next ten years competing in Ironman triathlons and ultramarathons up to 145 miles nonstop – and learned that human performance is defined as much by emotion as by chemistry. Inspired by this idea and its potential to help others, Tez is now preparing for his biggest adventure yet: rowing solo and unsupported across the Pacific Ocean from San Francisco to Hawaii. He’s neither sailor nor rower by background and launched the United World Challenge, the Pacific row, to inspire others to believe more in themselves and in the opportunity for a better tomorrow.  

Alongside “Chief Engine Officer” of the United World Challenge, Tez is a Manager with Deloitte Strategy & Analytics, serving clients in tech, telecom, and manufacturing. Tez brings an outside-in view to his work, leveraging earlier experience as a social entrepreneur and five years living, working and studying in over 35 countries.

Tez’s leadership has been recognized by some of the world’s foremost organizations: Tez is a Global Shaper of the World Economic Forum; a former Circular Economy Fellow in the Ellen MacArthur Foundation; and a member of NEXUS Global. Tez earned his MBA at London Business School; his BA at Macalester College and Oxford University; and his IB diploma at the United World College (UWC) of the Adriatic in Italy, thanks to a full scholarship. Through the United World Challenge, Tez aims to pay forward his UWC experience by raising scholarships for new students to attend UWC.

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