Expedition 2! World Record solo row across the Pacific for ocean plastic solutions

May 7, 2020

Founders First System sponsors the Challenge!



Ever consider how many entrepreneurs have literally changed the world? How did they do it?

For me, this is more than curiosity. With the Pacific row just weeks away, knowing tools to maintain performance and manage stress at sea will be the difference between living my dream or surviving a nightmare.

High performers have the same struggles. Anxiety. Fatigue. Swings of wild productivity followed by slow and painful recovery. I’ve gotten away with this cycle at times on land, but alone at sea it would spell disaster. So how can I protect and restore my mental, physical and emotional well-being to give myself the best chance of completing this row – and have fun while doing it?

Enter Founders First, a set of tools to help entrepreneurs measure their mental and physical health to improve their well-being, optimize their imbalance, and achieve success. As the latest sponsor to come aboard the Challenge, Founders First joined our team to show that even in the harshest environment, managing well-being is not only easy, but it also yields huge benefits to our productivity, state of mind, and quality of life.

As I row the 2,500 miles to Hawaii, I’ll send videos to the Founder First System community to show other high-performers how simple daily actions add up to transformative impacts on our health. That these techniques can keep us all focused on our objectives – whether you’re rowing across an ocean, building a business, or tackling any other challenge.

To learn more Founders First and what sparked our partnership, check out Episode 10 of our Podcast, and visit FoundersFirstSystem.com.