September 13, 2019

We just received $25,000!



Friends, I have REALLY BIG NEWS! The Kazan McClain Partners’ Foundation just donated $25,000 to the United World Challenge campaign to inspire a more courageous world. I can hardly tell you how grateful and thrilled I am for this gift, which lifts us to $55,680 of the $75,000 crowdfunding goal!

In return for the Foundation’s support I will be speaking in Oakland schools to engage kids on topics like mental health, sustainability and getting scholarships to United World Colleges. I plan to visit at least one school before the row begins and several more after the row’s complete.

In addition, I will invite students and teachers to design some simple science experiments for me to carry out on sea. By sending data and results from the ocean – and calling the classrooms live from my satellite phone while rowing – I hope to inspire kids to believe in themselves and their potential to create a better tomorrow.

This generous gift will go towards shipping my boat to the Canary Islands and home from the Caribbean (*update November 2019 – see below); hiring expert advisors for weather routing during my 3,000 mile crossing; and satellite air-time to make calls and send videos from the ocean. But there’s still much more to cover before the row begins – and your support now will make a huge difference.

If you haven’t yet (and even if you have!) this is the perfect time to make a tax-deductible gift and build on our momentum. You can help me stay:

  • ALIVE with a watermaker: $4,999
  • SECURE with a life raft: $3,999
  • ON TRACK with set of GPS and charts: $2,499
  • DRY with foul weather gear: $1,749
  • POWERED with Lithium Ion batteries: two at $1,449 each
  • CONNECTED with satellite phones: two at $499
  • HEALTHY with a medical kit: $749
  • AFLOAT with SpinLock PFD: $379
  • VISIBLE with flare kit: $149
  • TETHERED with a climbing harness: $79
  • SANE with a Wilson Ball: $25

Whatever you choose to give, I am grateful for your support. Thank you for all you’re doing to make this campaign a success.


*November 2019 update: Our Pacific Pivot means the Foundation’s gift will go towards higher impact investments: primarily media equipment and satellite credit for sharing our story.