Expedition 2! World Record solo row across the Pacific for ocean plastic solutions

May 14, 2020

PurePower Botanicals sponsors the Challenge!



Introducing our latest sponsor, PurePower Botanicals!

PurePower’s story is inspiring: Launched by two cousins who realized their health and lifestyles needed to change, they discovered CBD and its potential to help us live more fully. In co-founder Don McLaughlin’s words:

“Simply taking supplements will not create lasting change. Instead, CBD and other plants can help support lifestyle changes that do create lasting positive changes. And in making those changes, we become more mindful and aware. We make better choices. We bounce back more quickly after setbacks. And soon, we discover what it means to live life fully, from the inside-out.”


I now personally know just how true this is. Since I started PurePower’s system 6 months ago, I’ve weened myself 100% off coffee, I sleep and recover better, I’m training harder, and overall I just feel awesome. And as I gear up for 3 months alone at sea, facing the biggest challenge of my life, you bet PurePower is coming with me.

To learn more about our partnership, visit PurePower’s partnership announcement here.  If you’re ready to try PurePower yourself, grab your discount on our Pirate Booty page.