We all have an ocean to cross –
what’s yours?

Sponsorship is more than just a good story. It’s about pursuing a vision greater than the sum of the parts. It’s about making impact neither partner could achieve alone. In short, it’s about crossing oceans together.

We’ve done our homework. UWC Challenge has non-profit status for tax benefits to project partners. Finances are managed by professional, independent accountants. And partnership funds to cover expedition costs are kept 100% separate from all scholarship donations.


The UWC Challenge is ready to drive partner results in four key areas

Connect with millions

Over 80 million television viewers tuned in for the 2016 Atlantic Challenge through the National Geographic partnership, and organizers tracked over 21 million impressions online before taking account for each team’s own additional reach.

Share your story

We’re hatching plans for mid-Atlantic live-streams, video shoots of your leadership rowing, and never-before-created oceanic drone content. With unique media, this journey is a platform to share your story in inspiring new ways.

Deepen your brand

Spending three months alone creates courage. Surrendering to the ocean’s vastness inspires humility. Connecting these experiences together drives growth. With some simple storytelling, themes such as these will add new depth and meaning to your brand.

Create global impact

By helping to cover expedition costs, you enable us to focus on our goal of raising $150,000+ for United World Colleges to expand world-class education for new, deserving scholars.