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Thank you for your interest in becoming a sponsor for Expedition 2 of the United World Challenge.

Sponsors like you played a key role in Expedition 1 in 2020, where sponsors received an unforgettable story that supported their marketing goals and rallied their employees and communities to reach their goals. And with their support, I rowed 2,700 miles from California to Hawaii and raised $77,000 for charity. This next expedition is even more ambitious, and we have room for a few additional sponsors before we announce the expedition this August.

Expedition 2: World Record Row from Hawaii to Australia

This December I will embark on a world-first attempt to row 5,000 miles nonstop from Oahu, Hawaii to Cairns, Australia – a self-supported journey traversing 1/5th of Earth’s circumference. We’ll share 4-month adventure live to millions worldwide via social media. And a 3-time Emmy Award-winning documentary team is producing a feature film about the record-setting mission. As one of a handful of expedition sponsors, you can be part of this special expedition to inspire the world and help save the oceans, while using our story and multimedia assets to advance your own company’s goals.

World Record Row Invitation

For more details on the opportunity, see the sponsorship 1-pager and sponsorship deck.

And then click here to schedule a personal call with me to discuss next steps.

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PS – I am announcing the Expedition to the public on August 15, so please keep this info within your close circle.


Tez Steinberg
Chief Engine Officer, United World Challenge
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