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I’m Tez Steinberg, world record endurance athlete and ocean explorer on a mission to help solve the ocean plastic crisis.

By 2048, there will be more plastic than fish in our oceans – unless we take action now.

That’s why this December I’m embarking on a daring adventure to row 5,000 miles by myself from Hawaii to Australia to raise funds and action to preserve our oceans.

While alone at sea for 4 months, I’ll gather scientific data on ocean health, share the adventure story on social media, and run a crowdfund to invest in the world’s most promising ocean plastic solutions.

Check out the private 2-min teaser below. I hope you will join us by making a tax-deductible gift to our mission to help solve the ocean plastic crisis.  

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*Please keep this page confidential until we announce the expedition in September. If you want to share this with someone else, please connect with me to loop them in.

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Our mission is to accelerate solutions for ocean innovation and inspire a more courageous world.

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Sungai Watch is the world's leading river barrier catchment solution. With over 180 river barriers installed and maintained daily, Sungai Watch has collected over 1.1 million kilograms of plastic to date. With United World Challenge, we're helping Sungai expand to new regions and bring their solution to help clean Asia's most polluting rivers.

OCN.AI is like a FitBit for the ocean, using technology on buoys and boats to gather cutting-edge ocean health data. Together, we're outfitting the Challenge vessel with a series of sensors to collect real-time ocean health data, stored on the blockchain for researchers worldwide to access.

Hakkoda is a modern data consultancy purpose-built to harness the power of data for good. With talented teams of data engineers, scientists, and AI experts, Hakkoda drives innovation for clients while tackling some of the world's biggest problems. From marine life conservation to the ocean plastics crisis, we believe that great change is powered by great data.

The United World Challenge Expedition 2 is a zero-waste expedition thanks to our partnership with CRDC. All plastic waste from the our expedition will be upcycled into CRDC's groundbreaking product, RESIN8, an environmental friendly substitute for sand used in concrete manufacturing.

Seakeepers and the United World Challenge are partnering on citizen science research projects to gather data across the Pacific Ocean on population dynamics of plankton and velella velella, important species for pelagic ecosystems. Together, we research, educate, protect and restore!

Far Away Projects is a 501(c)3 nonprofit fiscal sponsorship organization that supports global social impact projects and grassroots efforts around the world. Far Away provides the United World Challenge with nonprofit status and extensive backend support to grow our mission to help solve ocean plastic.

The United World Challenge is proud to be part of the 1% for the Planet community, which connects businesses and nonprofits to protect the environment. Learn more at

During Expedition 1, the United World Challenge partnered with Scripps Institution of Oceanography to gather world-first data for microplastic research. The United World Challenge will once again partner with Scripps to advance oceanic research during the next challenge with a series of world-first data collection methods.

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