Tez Gives Thanks

Day 70 | September 10 | mile 2601 21° 28.3 minutes north 156° 11.5 minutes west Crew mates, Land HO! After ten weeks at sea, seeing nothing but water above and water below, I finally see terra firma! I am beyond words. The United World Challenge and this journey have changed my life forever. But […]

Tez’s First Captain’s (b)Log From The Pacific

Tez has now been at sea for 5 days. He was able to send this to our media team on shore by text message: Hey everyone, I know I haven’t made any posts despite being out on this adventure for five days now. So I wanted to make a quick post and let you know […]

Alumni in the Spotlight: Elliot Leung

Elliot Leung graduated from UWC Adriatic in 2004. He comes from Hong Kong, where he now lives and works building digital platforms. He started his own company, Gaifong, an innovative ‘share economy’ app with it’s roots in sustainability. The platform has now expanded to be used across South East Asia. Elliot also works closely with […]

Alumni in the Spotlight: Marthe Lamp Sandvik

Marthe Lamp Sandvik hails from Norway, and attended UWC Adriatic from 2005-2007. She currently lives in Oslo where she works in the global shipping industry. Hopefully the ships she manages steer clear of Terence while he’s out on the open seas! After her time at UWCAD, she ended up living in the Middle East to […]

Peep this: Donation port-hole!

The UWC Challenge donation port-hole is live! And we are so grateful for the initial outpouring of support. Thank you to UWC-USA who came on board as a fiscal sponsor and the 30 generous crew mates who donated almost $4,000 in the first 3 weeks. We’re so glad you’re in the boat with us – […]

Alumni in the Spotlight – Gintarė Eidimtaitė

For our next installment of Alumni in the Spotlight we have the incomparable Gintarė Eidmtaitė. Gintarė attended UWC Adriatic in Italy from 2004-2006. Originally from Lithuania, she is now based in Geneva, Switzerland where she works as a humanitarian affairs officer for the UN. Read on to find out how the UWC experience helps amazing […]

Alumni in the Spotlight – Elysia Glover

The United World Challenge is raising money for scholarships to attend UWCs. Attending a UWC can change the course of a life. We’re presenting a series; Alumni in the Spotlight – to show the transformative effect a globally focused education can have. Elysia Glover UWCSEA 2004-2006 What made you want to go to UWC in […]