March 11, 2019

Alumni in the Spotlight: Marthe Lamp Sandvik



Marthe Lamp Sandvik hails from Norway, and attended UWC Adriatic from 2005-2007. She currently lives in Oslo where she works in the global shipping industry. Hopefully the ships she manages steer clear of Terence while he’s out on the open seas!

After her time at UWCAD, she ended up living in the Middle East to build on her career in the shipping industry and study Arabic. After many years abroad she felt compelled to return home to Norway to make use of the many lessons she had learned from her experiences. To her, the world of shipping is a fascinating blend of local and global industries. 90% of the goods used globally are transported by sea, so there is a great proximity to international markets and and economic conditions.

Marthe works with volunteer organisations and initiatives to increase the focus on gender equality in this traditionally male dominated industry. She has also worked throughout her career to identify opportunities in the industry to elevate sustainable business models and practices.

When she first arrived at UWC AD in 2005, she was nervous, excited and scared all at once. She had no idea what to expect, but found it better to run, not walk into that uncertainty! It is impossible for her to quantify the the impact of her UWC education on her life now. The ripple effects have been so immense that she cannot imagine where she’d be today without the experience.

Like many UWC graduates, she experienced a truly formative relationship with her room mate, who she still considers one of the most inspirational people she met in her time at the college. The UWC mission taught her that there is space for every type of person on this planet.

Marthe showing the shipping industry how it’s done.

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