March 28, 2019

Alumni in the Spotlight: Elliot Leung



Elliot Leung graduated from UWC Adriatic in 2004. He comes from Hong Kong, where he now lives and works building digital platforms. He started his own company, Gaifong, an innovative ‘share economy’ app with it’s roots in sustainability. The platform has now expanded to be used across South East Asia. Elliot also works closely with others to help them develop and achieve their dreams in the same industry.

When he first went to UWCAD, he felt fortunate growing up in an English speaking environment, as he knew that for some, overcoming language barriers was going to be one of their biggest challenges over their time at the college. During his time at UWC, the college mission statement taught him that there is more that unites us in this world than that which divides us. He believes that global challenges require global problem solving, and that the UWC mission is a testament to that.

Elliot has known Terence for over a decade, since they were classmates at UWC. Elliot has been consistently amazed by Terence’s dedication to pushing the limits and stepping outside his comfort zone. He can’t wait to follow along with his journey on his epic row!

Elliot Leung – Digital Entrepreneur changing the world one app at a time.

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