The Challenge

Beginning December of 2019 Terence Steinberg is competing as a solo rower in the Atlantic Challenge, a 3,000-mile ocean rowing race from La Gomera, Spain to Antigua in the Caribbean.

Terence will row more than twelve hours every day for up to three months straight, all without seeing another soul.

More people have summited Mount Everest
or visited outer space than have rowed the Atlantic solo.

Attending a United World College is a lot like rowing an ocean:
it shows our human potential is much larger, and the world is much smaller 
than many commonly believe.

UWC pushes students  beyond their comfort and into a world of deep transformation: a world where peace is possible, where humans are far more alike than different, and by working together, we can achieve anything. Repaying the gifts Terence received through his UWC experience would be impossible, but through the UWC Challenge he intends to pay them forward.

United World Challenge is a collaboration  among UWC alumni, partners, and the public to join together to raise new scholarships while sharing UWC’s story with the world.